Promoting, Training, Pursuing and Servicing the International Rwo Shur School of Foot Reflexology
Course - Lead-In Longevity Exercise

A health exercise combining Chinese Tao Cheah active and passive Lead-in Exercises and stimulation of foot reflex zones (Foot Reflexology).

Brief Introduction

Emphasize the possible favourable effect of these exercises on the function of the endocrine system and its relationship to beautify our lifestyle.

It is an ancient Chinese Tao Cheah Lead-In and foot massage longevity exercise to upgrade the quality of a person's energy, charm, figure, hair, lifestyle and sex life.

Effect: A simple health exercise to reduce stress of the adult, uplift brain development of the children, upgrade the personality and confidence of men and women and to reduce ailments of the aged.

This Health Exercise was presented by Rwo Shur Health Institute International, Singapore and Malaysia branch, at the '90 Worldwide Conference of Rwo Shur Health Method in Tokyo.

It is currently practised and promoted in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, USA, Malaysia and Singapore with speedy fantastic effects.

Enable individuals to feel the effect of Chi within a short time after doing the exercise.


Course Content : Theory and Practical

I Longevity Exercise Over Rwo Shur Massage Board

Chapter 1

  1. The Sun Facing Phoenix
  2. The Chi at Three Different Spheres
  3. Turning the Sphere of Heaven and Earth
  4. Gazing up to Heaven and Looking Down to Earth
  5. Rotating the Jade Cylinder
  6. The Tai-Chi of our body
  7. The Sun and Moon Breathing Exercise
  8. Dotting the Eye of a Drawn Dragon
  9. The Descending Seven Stars
  10. Turning the Sphere of Our Fortune Cycle

Chapter 2

  1. The Thousand Miles Flying Holy Eagle
  2. The Field Rising Dragon
  3. The Forceful Bear and Tiger
  4. The Chi Nourishing Tan Tien
  5. Embracing the Cheek Bone and Twisting the Head
  6. The Stretching Dragon and the Bending Tiger
  7. Counting the Holy Soldiers Of Our Fingers
  8. The Touring Tamed Deer
  9. Kicking Away the Trap of Heaven and Earth
  10. The Large Circle of the Sun and Moon

Chapter 3

  1. The Lifted up to Heaven Jade Cylinder
  2. The Four-Seas Trumpeting Eagle
  3. The Chi Circulating Three-Extremeities
  4. The Ku-Lun Barrel
  5. Spirited Snake Out from the Cave
  6. The Wing-Sleeved Fairy
  7. Sharp Holy Bird Rustling his Feathers
  8. Phoenix Flying with Stylish Cross
  9. Touring Dragon Turning his Body
  10. The Soaring Eagle Reaching the Infinite Space

Chapter 4

  1. The Pagoda Supporting Hero
  2. Roaring Chi Among the Mountains and Rivers of Nature
  3. Pushing Chi in Four Directions of Space
  4. Expelling Toxins and Breathing In Fresh Air
  5. Drunken Tour at the Fairyland
  6. Pointed Finger to Stabilise Harmony
  7. Planets Turning in the Messy Universe
  8. The Chi-adjusting Excellent Seal
  9. The Five Elements Turning Special Seal
  10. Yin-Yang in Six Harmony

II Breathing Exercise on Rwo Shur Health Roller

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