Promoting, Training, Pursuing and Servicing the International Rwo Shur School of Foot Reflexology

Body Massage (24 hours)

Blend of Western and Eastern techniques with relaxing and therapeutic effect.


This course is a special technique combining the American, European and Oriental method for any lady to help her man to relax, to enjoy, to lead a happier family life and to achieve a successful career.

Who Should Attend
Professional masseur and masseuse who intend to develop their skills and housewives/working individuals who are interested in acquiring the skill to apply on family members. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to work effectively and independently.

Course content


  • Face muscle, acupoints and beauty
  • Head and Neck muscle, acupoints and healthy hair growth
  • Structure of spine, acupoints and health
  • The 4 limbs' acupoints
  • Manual massage techniques
  • Partial massage and its function


  • Different types of massage techniques, acu-point application and overall massage

Dr. Geraldine S.N. Goh, PhD (Traditional Medical Science)
International Inlstructor of Foot Reflexology and Body Massage



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