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Rwo Shur Health Method - A Self Study Book on Foot Reflexology
Translated by 
Geraldine Tay & Eu Hooi Khaw
ISBN 983-9818-07-4, 220 pages



Table of Contents

Preface 1
Preface 2
Preface 3
Preface 4 
The Development and Success of the International Institute For Rwo Shur Health
Foreword for the Rwo Shur Health Method

Analysis of the principles of the Rwo Shur Health Method
The Reflex Principle 
Theory of Circulation 
Analgesic Diagnosis 
Theory of Yin-Yang Balance

Basic Techniques
Technique 1: Index Finger Hook
Technique 2: Thumb And Palm Pushing
Technique 3: Hook Finger Technique
Technique 4: Twisting Finger Technique
Technique 5: Double Finger Pincer Technique
Technique 6: Hold Foot and Hook Index Finger Method
Technique 7: Single Finger Hooked Palm
Technique 8: Thumb and Index Finger in a Hook (Both Hands)
Technique 9: Double Palm Hold and Push Method
Technique 10: Double Finger Hook
Technique 11: Double Thumb, Bend Palm Method
Technique 12: Push Palm Pressure Method

List of Illness





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Extract - Analgesic Diagnosis

Initially the Rwo Shur Health Method depended on using the degree of pain resulting from massage to determine the condition and problems of the organs in the corresponding reflex zones. Such a method to determine the health condition is not accurate for following reasons:

1) The amount of strength used to cause pain. What degree of pain should the patient suffer before we can determine if the organ is not functioning properly?

2) If the skin of the patient's sole is too thick, and then pressure applied cannot cause pain, what should be done then?

3) Alcoholics and heavy smokers or people on drugs for too long are often immune to pain, even if pressure is applied

4) Some people are very sensitive to pain (for example, children, women and the very sick). Just light pressure will cause pain. Some people can endure pain better. How do we judge then?

5) As for unconscious patients and the insane, how do we go about determining their ailments? Under such circumstances, if we use pain to determine the problems of the corresponding organs, we will be encountering problems and giving wrong judgment. 

Our institute gathered all its relevant experience and research from many specialists, based on the reflex theory and symptoms which show up in the reflex zones that indicate that the functions of the corresponding reflex zones are not in order.

Also depending on the severity of the problems, the reflex zones may show up hard lumps, belt-like lumps, tiny lumps or changes in the shape of the feet. By feeling the feet all over for these and by observation in order to understand the changes in the reflex zones, we are able to know the healthy condition of the corresponding organs. The analgesic diagnosis, as this is called, has enhanced the accuracy of determining a patient's ailments, marking a new milestone for the Rwo Shur Health Method.


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