We have courses that cater to someone who is interested in running a reflexology business, interested in becoming an individual practitioner or as an short course for personal use. This can either be in Mandarin or English. A Personal course can also be arranged.

Foot Reflexology Training

Short Intensive training courses for beginners and advanced students.

Technical Training

Specially designed for people who want to be trained as a Rwo Shur foot reflexology technicians, to take up foot reflexology as a career.

Technical Transfer Training

The scheme involves the transfer of Rwo Shur Foot Reflexology Techniques by training 4 Rwo Shur Foot Reflexology technicians.

Foot Reflexology / Longevity Exercise Over Massage Board

The Lead-in Longevity exercises are divided into four parts detailed in our publication: “Lead-in Longevity Exercise Over Rwo Shur Massage Board” and “Chi of Tao”.

Social Services

Free talk or special training can be arranged for charitable purposes to interested groups.