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Course - Iridology

Iridology is the science of analyzing the delicate structure of the iris of the eye. The Iris represents a communication system capable of handling an amazing quantity of information. Manifestations in and about the eyes have long been used to gain insight into a person's sate of health.

This information serves as a reference to our Rwo Shur Foot Reflexology. Analgesic Diagnosis. Accurate Information gathered from diagnosis provide applicants of Rwo Shur Foot Reflexology a reliable basis for their prescribed techniques which help speed recovery. 

Course Syllabus - Basic Course
    • The need to study Iridology
    • What is Iridology and how it works
    • Physiology of Iris signs
    • Iris topography and chart
    • Iris constitution, major iris signs and markings - Theory and Practical
    • Case Studies
    • Iridology, Nutrition and Foot Reflexology

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